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Meet the craftsman.
Chad is the owner of Chad-Lee Designs in Red Deer, Alberta. His passion for woodworking started at a very young age and it comes across in every project he touches.
Chad loves bringing out the hidden beauty in every piece of wood

Once a customer comes to him with a project, the adventure begins. He chooses his wood very carefully and is always looking for the most beautiful species to present to his customers. The spirit of what used to be a living tree is truly brought back to life in his work. He works tirelessly at accomodating his customers regardless of the project, taking as much joy from watching the look of delight on a client's face as he does from working on the project. Chad's projects range anywhere from end grain cutting boards/butcher blocks, memory/jewelry boxes, wooden bowls/vessels to custom made furniture, cabinetry, fireplace mantles, wood countertops/islands & more. When it comes to woodworking, his abilities are endless. He has yet to encounter a challenge that he cannot meet.


Wood Wedding Rings


Custom Wood working

One Of A Kind, Handmade Wood lathing

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